Established goal of Modicontrols Automation Systems (MODICONTROLS) is to meet customer demand for automation equipment, complete control systems and complete automation projects, combined with professional engineering support.

Modicontrols, accepts as desirable qualities such as honesty, sobriety and partnership with the customer to the task entrusted.

Regarding to experience in the field of automation related to the air treatment industry, Modicontrols has been able to:

  • Automation systems of ventilation units,
  • Clean room automation systems,
  • Automation systems of heat nodes,
  • Automation systems in refrigeration systems,
  • Automation systems in filter systems,
  • BMS / RMS systems,
  • Automation systems in the process of climate treatment technology.

By implementing these tasks, Modicontrols will:

  • Selection and valuation of equipment as well as whole automation systems,
  • Complete and delivery of equipment,
  • Prepare of automation projects,
  • Produce of control cabinets,
  • PLC programing,
  • Configuration of BMS systems, touch panels and web server based systems,
  • Diagnostics and servicing,
  • Comprehensive implementation of automation projects.